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More than 200 customers applying our ECO solutions on more than 3,000 vessels have had the following impact:

MT fuel saved
MT CO2 saved
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Selected Blog Posts

Is IMO-DCS so much easier to comply with than EU-MRV ?

16 Apr 2018

After EU-MRV the new global IMO-DCS (Data Collection Scheme) is coming in 2019. For the EU-MRV scheme all ships need to report their CO2 emissions per voyage conducted into, between and out of EU (and EFTA) ports. A “voyage” is defined as any movement of a ship that originates from, or terminates in, a […]

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How to waste 12,000 USD on boiler consumption

26 Sep 2017

A container vessel was identified with extensive boiler consumption at sea. Learn from this case, how to evaluate for your own fleet using a fleet performance management solution. Read what were the reasons behind and how to avoid. Best practice: Under normal circumstances there shouldn’t be any fuel oil consumption for the auxiliary boiler on a […]

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How to build your line of defence against fuel claims

14 Oct 2016
In a tough market the charter party can become an expensive document for the vessel owner, if the performance criteria (typically fuel oil consumption at defined speeds and drafts at fair weather) are not met. Operators are under financial pressure and claim overconsumption if possible. So what can an owner do now to build his […]
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Maritime 4.0

Hamburg, Germany

The ever growing trend towards digitization in the maritime industry can significantly contribute to increasing efficiency. Against this background, the Schiff & Hafen event series launched the "Maritim 4.0" conference. Participants have the opportunity to learn about the latest technologies and new business models in the industry.
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Breakbulk Europe

Bremen, Germany

For more than a decade, Breakbulk Europe has served as the networking hub for industry professionals who do business in Europe—or would like to. It provides a dynamic conference, along with a range of educational and training Workshops.
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Hamburg, Germany

Smart Shipping and Industry 4.0 will take centre stage at the SMM trade fair. Programme highlights include: Shipowners Forum, Maritime Future Summit, gmec – the global maritime environmental congress, MS&D – the international conference on maritime security and defence, Maritime Career Market.
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Case Study: Short trades – potential for efficiency improvements

Presentation, 10 slides

Key challenges with fleet performance data

Presentation, 26 slides

Case Study: Typical performance levers

Presentation, 19 slides

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Presentation, 27 slides

Features & Benefits

Comprehensive view

Integrated voyage, hull & propeller, engine & systems and fuel quality performance modules that identify vessel performance deviation causes

High flexibility

Easy scaling to any size of fleet and to cover mixed fleets (own, chartered) with different onboard data collection systems

Unique benchmarking

Vessel operations data enriched with industry data such as AIS, consumption models, satellite weather or fuel quality

Accurate baselines

Precise performance baselines and analytics using CFD (Computational fluid dynamics) results

Tailor-made analytics

Customisable dashboards and analytics of collected data and own reporting schemes to different stakeholders

Identify best saving measures

Prioritize and evaluate improvement measures based on data, analytics and best practice

Increasing operational efficiency

Create a positive impact on shore staff and crew behaviour and culture as a result of focus and reporting

Transparency for your customers

Demonstrate control and transparency to customers and other stakeholders

Environmental performance

Deliver full environmental reporting from one single solution incl. MRV, CCWG, ESI, CSI, ballast water, sludge, bilge water, garbage

Low effort, low CAPEX

Implement quickly and easily along existing processes without any IT or hardware investment required onboard

At a Glance

By making fleet performance visible and easy to understand, ECO Insight allows ship owners and operators to make informed decisions that can save fuel, cut emissions and lower operational costs

Some output formats are only available when Navigator Insight is used as onboard data collection.

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Eco Insight 2.0

Key features which have been influenced by feedback of our valued customers
User Interface

User interface

Intuitive map view

Mobile App

Mobile App

KPIs on the go

Performance centres

Performance centres

Receiving valuable insights

Operations support

Operations support

Various dashboard views

Our ECO Insight partner network is growing –
Working together to advance fleet performance management

ECO Insight will give you the facts to base further optimizations on with our other ECO solutions

ECO Assistant

Effective trim optimisation

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ECO Retrofit

Vessel efficiency upgrades

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ECO Lines

Fuel efficient hull design

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More than 200 customers have already entrusted our ECO solutions to provide insights and optimization for over 3000 vessels

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Torsten Büssow
Head of Fleet Performance Management

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